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Katie Fitzgerald

Katie Fitzgerald

Felton, CA


Katie Fitzgerald is a decorative artist and fine artist. The decorative arts include custom painting, faux finishing, and working with decorative plasters. Katie has pursued interests in the arts her entire life, including writing her first rather bad novel at the precocious age of 13. After creating decorative art and faux finishes in her own home "the hard way," Katie discovered there was a decorative arts industry. She proclaimed: "That's what I want to do!" and gave up a stodgy Silicon Valley job to pursue painting, which culminated in the founding of A Fine Finish in 200. A Fine Finish serves the Santa Cruz and Monterey areas, in addition to San Jose, and San Mateo and Santa Clara counties in California. To see Katie's decorative art work, visit: www.afinefinish.com

In addition to running her decorative arts business, Katie also makes forays into the world of fine art. In particular, she enjoys creating custom, monogram paintings that quickly become family heirlooms.

Katie is mentored by muralist and president of the International Decorative Artisans League (IDAL), Amy Ketteran. She has recently studied with internationally renowned decorative artists Pierre Finkelstein, Jean-Luc Sable, and Tania Seabock. She has also studied extensively with award-winning artist and instructor Shauna Oeberst Gallagher of Artistic Living Studio, Tina Martinez of Furniture Art Studio, and Sheri Hoegar The Mad Stencilist.

Katie lives and works in Felton, California in the Santa Cruz mountains with her husband Duff, daughter Claire, son Duncan, the aged-and-entitled Cyrano the cat, and Rocket the hamster.



Tree-Feather by Katie Fitzgerald


Beep Beep by Katie Fitzgerald


Cities in the Dust II by Katie Fitzgerald


Cities in the Dust - P by Katie Fitzgerald


Fish Out of Water by Katie Fitzgerald


Counting Sheep by Katie Fitzgerald


The Hunt by Katie Fitzgerald


Dream Walkers by Katie Fitzgerald


All Good Things by Katie Fitzgerald


Fossilized Nautilus by Katie Fitzgerald


Bamboozled by Katie Fitzgerald


Anachronism P by Katie Fitzgerald


Waverly D Monogram by Katie Fitzgerald


Shimmering Sycamore by Katie Fitzgerald


Venetian Haze by Katie Fitzgerald


Metallic Bamboo by Katie Fitzgerald


Waverly L Monogram by Katie Fitzgerald


Entwined Victorian Monogram by Katie Fitzgerald


Couples Monogram by Katie Fitzgerald


Waverly H Monogram by Katie Fitzgerald


Waverly F Monogram by Katie Fitzgerald